2009/10 Around the world

We have been travelling around the world from August 4th 2009, until August 12th 2010. In 374 days we have visited 16 countries. The list of visited countries, map and galleries are available here.

The first and the last posts from our great adventure around the world in 374 days are available on this page.

At home!
One year long journey around the world is behind us. One year we slept in strange beds. One year we ate in restaurants. One year we spoke and learned foreign languages. One year we didn’t go to school or work. One year we didn’t clean and took care of our home. One year we didn’t go shopping. For one year we were away from home! One year we were carefree. Read more…

One year around the world in numbers and records

16 countries visited.
34 flights.
151 hotel rooms.
20 days – longest stay in one hotel.
11 visits to the doctor.
90 read books.
18 different currencies and 7 plastic cards. Read more…

How much is one year?
We have left our home one year ago, precisely 373 day ago. We are coming home tomorrow! Read more…

How do we travel
People are asking us how much luggage we carry with ourselves since we are a family of four. How do we choose hotels, transportation, restaurants, how do we travel. Read more…

Before leaving the home to travel around the world for one year
We have one-way flight tickets, we had our immunization shots, we have medications, and our bank accounts are settled. We have tons of e-books. Gap year in school in arranged, study material is ready. Both backpacks are empty, we will soon start to fill them with stuff which we thing we can’t do without. How many thing we need for one year travelling? Very little! Read more…

I like to travel!
Sure, who doesn’t? But there are plenty of excuses to stay at home and wait for an appropriate moment in the distant future to set sail. Fear of the unknown and uncertainty are too strong to let us decide to take chances, to boldly go where man has gone before. To leave a safe haven of home, office job, family and friends. If we take into consideration children, steady office job, mortgage, we have more than enough reasons to keep living the same stable life. Read more…

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