2002 England & Scotland

Road trip with a car and a tent across Germany and France to England and Scotland.

Rain and 15 degrees Celsius for each and every day on the island in the middle of summer and ice cold nights in tent. First trip to London: Big Ben, Tower bridge, red phone booths, double-decker buses, museum of wax figures, museum of natural history. Abandoned coastal city of Brighton, mystical Stonehenge, wonderful Stratford upon Avon – a birthplace of Shakespeare, knight games and horrible medieval jail in Warwick castle. New Lanark – British industrial town, famous for social and welfare programs by social pioneer Robert Owen, men in quilts, bagpipe blowers in Edinburgh, Scottish blutwurst – haggis, botanical gardens, reflection of Nessie in Loch Ness, seal colony on the Isle of Skye, highland cattle, hefty breakfasts, friendly people, weird musicians in Glasgow and a little bit of Paris on our way back home.

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