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Welcome to the travelogue of a vagabond family from Slovenia.
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At home!

One year long journey around the world is behind us. One year we ate in restaurants. One year we spoke and learned foreign languages. One year we didn’t go to school or work. One year we didn’t clean and took care of our home. One year we didn’t slept in our beds. One year we didn’t go shopping. For one year we were away from home! One year we were carefree. Free of possessions such as car, a house or favorite shoes. Imagine you have to put everything that you need to live for one year in one backpack, which you are going to have to carry it by yourself. What would you take?

Everything we carried with us was replaceable. The only thing we thought about stuff was to have them as little as possible. We have learned to be unattached to stuff. Instead of enjoying possessing things, we learned to enjoy possessing time. As soon as we got home, we saw that understanding of values at home is different from what we have been used to in past year. We possessed only few little things, with almost no material value, but we had a lot of time. At home, we have many valuable big things, which take time away from us. Which is better? I don’t mean the time we spend at work, of course we have to work to live. One more thing: why is the current crisis called financial when everybody seems to have money, but no one has time?

While travelling we didn’t get attached to people. To meet people while traveling, to share experiences, to listen locals talk about their homeland and you talk about your homeland, are one of the most pleasant moments of travelling. We got to know many people, some more, some less, but we didn’t get attached to anyone, except to four of us, of course. By the way, strangers to whom you talk about private things are better listeners, then people who know you. When we met someone we never thought about his or her position and status and how we have to behave towards him or her or even think about the way we were dressed. Quite different from manners in everyday life, work and school.

It is different at home. We’re attached to people. If I am honest, the attachment to people is what made us return home. We missed our relatives and friends, some of them even missed us. It is interesting to meet someone after one year. Adults seem to me the same as they were before, but children? Some of them have grown so much I almost didn’t recognize them. Now I know what they mean when someone says you can see how quickly time passes when you look at a growing child.

We are happy to be at home, that one year of travel is behind us, that everything was fine and that we live in the best country in the world. You don’t believe that Slovenia is the best country in the world? Go out and away, across the borders in the foreign countries, see for yourself how people live around the world, take a good look and you will understand what I mean

Thank you for travelling with us.
Maša, Sara, Sabrina and Davor

One year around the world in numbers and records

16 countries visited.
34 flights.
151 hotel rooms.
20 days – longest stay in one hotel.
11 visits to the doctor.
90 read books.
18 different currencies and 7 plastic cards.
More than 100 pieces of clothing bought and given away.
60 kilos – weight of luggage when we got home. When we left home, at least half less.
We lost two phones and few pieces of clothes.
We were not robbed and nothing was stolen from us.
We have met less than a dozen Slovenians.
We published 77 posts on our webpage and received more than 700 comments. Web page had 65.000 visits.

The longest uninterrupted ride: train Guwahati – Varanasi, India – 22 hours.
The smallest room: Tokyo – 7 square meters.
The largest room: under stars in Thar Desert in India – 200.000 square kilometers.
The best animal encounters: camel safari, India; elephant riding amongst rhinoceros, India; swimming with a shark, Malaysia; swimming with dolphins, Australia; visiting orangutans, Borneo, Malaysia; seeing a blue whale, Sri Lanka.
Best treks: Annapurna, Nepal; Santa Cruz, Peru.
Worst fear: earthquake 7,4 Richter scale, Jakarta, Indonesia; riding a bus in Colombia; escape from overloaded ferry in India.
Worst pests: flies in Australia; mosquitoes and flees everywhere.
Most daring adventure: with a jeep across the desert in Australia; eating in street stalls everywhere.
The hardest experience: winter ride below zero on the bus without heating, Bolivia; climbing 5900 meter high volcano Cotopaxi, Ecuador; facing the poverty.
The biggest stupidity: jumping on a moving train, India.
Most spontaneous moment: dancing with locals on rhythms of drums in Tokyo.
Best sports events: sumo tournament, Tokyo; watching FIFA World cup accompanied by fans from all over the world.
Best food: India, Singapore, China, Ecuador, Nepal
Worst food: India, Indonesia, Tokyo
Favorite food: Indian curry, vegetables in coconut milk, chicken korma, chicken with rice.
Favorite drink: fresh fruit juice, masala tea.
The most unusual food: strange looking and tasting meals in China.
The most unusual drink: root beer with ice cream, Malaysia.
The drink we missed from home: Bar coffee, Cedevita.
The food we missed from home: Čokolino, homemade salad.
The most beautiful natural sights: Himalayas, Nepal; Uluru, Pinnacles desert, Devil’s marbles, Australia.
The most beautiful places: Caraz, Peru; Marpha, Nepal; Playa Blanca, Colombia; Dali, China.
The most beautiful beaches: Gili Air, Indonesia; Isla Rosario, Philippines; Praia Forno, Brazil.
The most beautiful metropolis: New York, Singapore.
The friendliest people: Nepal, Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Peru.
The most hostile immigration officers: New York, USA.
The most expensive country: Australia, in spite of all the things we got for free.
The least expensive country: India, in spite of that we got nothing for free.
The most expensive hotel room: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – 90 €.
The least expensive hotel room: Marpha, Nepal – 2€.
The most expensive meal: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – 40 €.
The least expensive meal: Guilin, China – 1€.

How do we travel

People are asking us how much luggage we carry with ourselves since we are a family of four. How do we choose hotels, transportation, restaurants, how do we travel.

We carry our luggage in two large backpacks and Sara carries one smaller backpack for school stuff and toys. Sabrina also carries one small bag for valuables and I have an additional small day backpack. The last time we put everything together on a scale at an airport, it was 40 kilos. One backpack is full of stuff we usually don’t need, like rain jackets, walking shoes, mosquito nets etc., but we carry them with us anyway, just in case.

We carry only clothes needed for few days, the laundry can be washed anywhere. Clothes get worn pretty quickly on the road, so we give old stuff away to people in need and buy new clothes.

We choose the cheapest hotels, well almost. Sabrina and Sara are going in the room for inspection. The room has to be clean, not smelly and cheap enough. Of course our criteria is adaptable according to current location, room in a Borneo natural reserve is totally different than room in Singapore or camping place in Outback Australia. We always try to bargain.

We use every possible way of transport from camels to motor homes. We almost never go to organized tours and we visit attractions by ourselves without a guide.

Days on the road are pretty much different from each other, depending on country that we’re in and activities that we do. Some of our typical days:

Indonesia, island Gili Air. After fruits for breakfast which is brought on our veranda, we stay in bungalow and children are learning for two hours. Afterward we go to the beach, where we do beach stuff. In the afternoon we study again for two hours. In the evening we have fish for dinner in the seaside restaurant. After dinner we take a walk and return to bungalow to play and read.

Nepal, trekking Himalayas. After Himalayan breakfast we meet with our porter Chuda and step outside in the crispy cold morning. We walk almost all day. We enjoy beautiful views and wonder upon life that people around here are living. Late in the afternoon we arrive in some mountain village. We find a room, get a dinner and go into beds tired early in the evening.

India, anywhere. After a spicy breakfast we step outside from a hotel where a billion of people awaits us. We hustle through people and cows all morning. We eat lunch in the restaurant. After spicy lunch we look for a place to hide ourselves from the crowd. Of course for us there is no such place in India and in the afternoon we are stuck in the crowd again. After spicy dinner, we return to our room to study, watch TV, read and play.

Singapore. After continental breakfast we step out on the polished sidewalks. We are passing by countless restaurants and stores. It is so hot and humid outside that every half an hour we escape in one of many malls to cool down. For lunch we choose between endless choices of Asian specialties. In the afternoon we do some more walking outside and soon escape in the air conditioned hotel room where we rest.

Australia, Outback. We wake up in a tent somewhere in the Australian wilderness, happy, that the night winds didn’t blow us away. I got up few times during the night to reattach the tent. The flies are already waiting to attack us. Wherever we stop, they attack us. We have to use head nets to protect ourselves against them. We eat in a car. We enjoy driving all day through the desert.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain

Before leaving the home to travel around the world for one year

This is a first post of a travelogue of a family travelling the World.

In 17 days we leave our home to travel around the world for one year.

We have one-way flight tickets, we had our immunization shots, we have medications, and our bank accounts are settled. We have tons of e-books. Gap year in school in arranged, study material is ready. Both backpacks are empty, we will soon start to fill them with stuff which we thing we can’t do without. How many thing we need for one year travelling? Very little!

Except first destination, we do not know where we are going. We do have a list of countries we would like to visit, but if and when we’ll visit them, we leave to hands of destiny. We leave on August 3rd, 2009 and return presumably on August 2010.

More about us and this travelogue.